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(From left: Lt. Gen. William K. Hotchkiss, CAAP Director General with   
Capt. John Andrews, Deputy General for Operations, CAAP)
 Bird strike at Ninoy Aquino International Airport (NAIA) does not only poses an imminent danger to the safety of airlines and its passengers at NAIA, but also a threat to our country’s economy as well. We may never earn an upgrade of our aviation safety classification from the United States Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) to boost our tourism industry and increase commercial activities in the metropolis and parts of Central Luzon,  other than the modernization of our airports.
Lately, there was tremendous increase of bird strikes at NAIA.  A total of 49  bird strikes recorded by CAAP from January to September, compared to 30 bird strikes in 2011 and 25 in 2010, which makes  the danger more imminent.  Thus, NAIA was prompted to issue a warning to the pilots of the danger to land and take off at NAIA. 
It was reported that a Philippine Airlines (PAL) Flight PR 124 to Manila was canceled last September after birds got sucked into the plane’s engine in order to ensure the safety of passengers and crew. Cebu Pacific's Cotabato-Manila flight was delayed for more than four hours also in the same month.  Earlier in July, it was reported that  PAL flight PR 105 that just arrived in Manila from Guam also suffered from the same incident and the aircraft’s entire set of fan blades had to be replaced due to irreparable damage. It was reported by TV 5 News that from January to July this year, 39 bird strikes have been reported at the Ninoy Aquino International Airport (NAIA), 50 percent more than the same period last year, data from the Manila International Airport Authority (MIAA) indicated.  These incidents involve aircraft of Philippine Airlines (PAL), Cebu Pacific, Zest Air, Cathay Pacific, Jet Star Asia, Air Philippines Express, and Qatar Airways.
The population of migratory birds nesting at the Las-Piñas-Paranaque Critical Habitat and Eco Tourism area located about 15 kilometer away from NAIA . . .  DOUBLE CLICK HERE TO WITNESS BY YOURSELF

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World Ostomy Day!

(From left: Greg Oculto, President, Ostomate Association of the Philippines (OAP); Luningning Siarez, President Stoma Nurses Core Group; Dr. Ramy Roxas, President of the Philippine Society of Colorectal Surgeons and the Asean Society of Colorectal Surgeons; Dra. Rachel Rosario, Executive Director and Romy Marcaida, Director, Philippine Cancer Society; Lolly Acosta, Moderator, Balitaan sa Aloha Hotel; and, Colorectal Cancer Survivor, Fernando Lazaro, Vice-President, OAP) 

Colorectal Cancer is now plaguing our country! Who are these people we call Ostomates? “The truth shall set us free”, said Lolly Acosta during her opening statement at the forum. In furtherance of its mission, the Philippine Cancer Society and Balitaan Sa Aloha Hotel in a joint project, launched a quad media, i.e., television, radio, print and the internet, campaign to advocate for the eradication of Colorectal cancer in the country on October 3, 2012, in celebration of the World Ostomy Day on October 6, 2012.

“Statistics shows that Colorectal Cancer is the third leading cancer in the Philippines today. Consequently, pursuant to the mission of the Philippine Cancer Society, there is a need for the society to disseminate information concerning the disease to lessen if not totally eradicate all kinds of cancer in our country”, said Dra. Rachel Rosario of the Philippine Cancer Society, the lead convenor of the forum at Balitaan sa Aloha Hotel on October 3, 2012.  

 “Colorectal Cancer is one of the most common cancer in the world today and the number of those suffering from the disease is growing, said Dr. Ramy Roxas, President of the Philippine Society of Colorectal Surgeons and the Asean Society of Colorectal Surgeons. “Data gathered by the Philippine Cancer Society shows that the survival rate of those suffering from the said illness in our country is only forty percent (40%), while those in the  United States is 60%”, said Dr. Roxas. He further added that, “the disease can be eliminated if earlier detected and curable”.

And what are the remedies?   Hear it from them personally.  Join us in our Talakayan at Balitaan sa Aloha:    


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(Al Hajj Jameel RM Jaymalin with retired Col. Benny A. Letrondo during a press meeting at Camp Aguinaldo Golf Course Restaurant on February 17, 2012)

Retired Col. Jaemeel RM Jaymalin, Al Hajj, was among the graduate of the Special Officers Course (SOCC) at Fort Magsaysay in 1962. He joined the Philippine Army afterwards and after retirement, became active into the different peace advocacy undertaking among Muslims and Christians alike until he was appointed to head the Payatas Special Operations Group by then Mayor Sonny Belmonte of Quezon City and later named as the Executive Director of the Quezon City Muslim Consultative Council. Today, Col. Jaymalin preferred to be called as peacemaker and and elderly Al Hajj among our brother Muslims, keeping the peace and advocating for development of the City to benefit both our Christian and Muslim brothers and sisters alike.



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Super Typhoon Hits Manila!
Touches the Ground @ Roxas Boulevard

This beautiful, talented, musical genius, “Eun Joo Park” caught Manila by storm when she performed at Midas Hotel with such a powerful display of her mastery of electronic violin! The audience were not only moved and swayed, but was awed, as this lady takes command of the strings to higher notes in such an eloquently display of mastery of her craft: “Eun Joo Park” popularly know as “EJ Park” captured the heart and soul of the audience in her debut performance at Midas Hotel along Roxas Boulevard. You can hear the Oh! Ah! Of the audience!

You can see in the face of the audience the power that this talented lady possesses, now considered as the Korean Master of electronic vilolin . . . “Eun Joo Park” capturing the Philippines by storm!

A graduate of Orchestral Music in Korea’s Kywon University, A.I.D.M. Academa Diploma Violini in Rome, Italy, a member of MBC Orchestra, Park is considered as musical genius and now, a rising star in the field of rock electronic violin, internationally. She shall be having a concert at Araneta Coliseum on Monday August 22, 2011 in celebration of the Philippine-Korea Friendship Day for the benefit of "KOPINOY" (Korean-Pilipino) abandoned Children. She will be also performing live at the different branches of SM Malls nationwide and shall undertake concert tours to promote and poster Korean-Pilipino friendship.

Straight from Los Angeles, Usec. Robert T. Rivera, former Undersecretary for Operations at the Office of the Press Secretary and host of the Pilipinas Ngayon Na! at NBN-4 and now member of the Board of Director of RPN, took no time, as his plane touches the ground, he immediately proceeded to the luxurious Mida’s Hotel, 20 minute away drive from the airport and arrived a little bit earlier for the affair. Fresh from his stint in Europe, Ambassador Alejandro del Rosario was also present with former Miss World Evangeline Pascual, Maning Borlaza of the MTRCB, former Ambassador James Dee, Lolly R. Acosta, President of the NAIA Press Club, Crispina Belen of the Manila Bullettin many more well known showbiz and media personalities.

For further details and Inquiries, please contact :

Ms. Bella E. Dimayuga
Philippine Manager
Mobile: 0920-9704644/0922-8751435/0921/7399571
Telefax: 552-7184
Email: dimayugabella@yahoo.com

EJ PARK in Manila

EJ Park Performs before Ambassador James Dee, to the delight of the crowd.

Jeff Baek, Human Resource Manager of VERONA Optical, a top of the line producer of contact lenses and eyeglasses using the most modern and sophisticated equipment from Korea [center] with Miss Angel Locsin look alike and another staff from VERONA.

Ambassador Alejandro del Rosario (in blue shirt, far left) ) with Lolit Acosta, President of the NAIIA Press Corps and Usec. Robert T. Rivera, former Undersecretary for Operations, Office of the Press Secretary along with other Press and Media People.

Bella E. Dimayuga with the Head of Midas Hotel Marketing Department, 1973 Miss World 1st Runner Up, Miss Evangeline Pascual and Philantropist, Lolita Escobar Mirpuri.

Roy R. Luga, a cyber advocate who promotes different non-profit advocacy projects in the cyber space internationally with Lolit R. Acosta of Balitaan sa Aloha, Usec. Robert T. Rivera, Bella Dimayuga, representatives of the Midas Hotel with a Media personality, were also among the guests.

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I told Inday before I accepted the project that she give me a free hand to express my creative prawless and to edit the materials I took in my style. She said yes. Professionally, that's what I like from a producer. Freedom of artistic creativity is what every artist loves most. In fact, every artist, videographer and editor has their own style which makes them sought after. Many do in fact, commissioned me to re-edit other works to suit with my interpretation of the materials, which they like. This one is for Inday. I saw in her my sister Maripil in US, who like her, went home when our mother died.

It was about 2:30 in the afternoon somewhere in Bulacan where Inday's mother have to be cremated. The lighting was good as it is in open space and except for a cloudy intervention from about 3:00 to 3:30 p.m., the over all lighting is fair. Here's the footages we took of Norma Manalo's cremation, produced by her daughter, Noranda Manalo-Basilio, in YOU TUBE!

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I just received a comment from Julia about my latest post when I am about to publish this one. Jazz Del Rosario just turned 18. I didn't know it, until her mother, who used to own HBM Drugstore (that drugstore along ALMAR/ZABARTE Road, besides 7/11), approached me to re-edit the pictures taken during her debut. Just like the video taken during a friend's wedding, Jun, which I re-edited to suit to my taste, Jazz' debut was also held at Annabel's. Jun is now in London, we became friends thereafter till' to this day and communicate each other thru the net, although we're both busy nowadays. Well, here's some of the pictures of Jazz' debut, in YOU TUBE!

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“History might yet call for us again to make further sacrifices to offer our lives on the altar of our civic ideas, . . . the greed and apathy and corruption we brought down are again making themselves felt. x x x” “We now know that we must struggle. We must endure. We must sacrifice” . . . this was President Ramos' statement during the 22nd Anniversary of the EDSA People Power Revolution.