e martë, 29 janar 2008


I should have gone to bed! My attention was, however, caught by pedestrian observer's mail - "let us help kcat bloggers". Who is kcat after all!

She is a 25 year-old woman suffering from a rare disease called NEUROFIBROMATOSIS TYPE 2 (NF2) for a considerable number of years. She have brain tumors. Her left extremities weakened. She can’t move her left arm and hand, left leg and foot. She can’t walk. Her right face numbs and her facial muscles won’t move. She can’t swallow as well. Her vision blurs and she can’t smile. She's also deaf. Yet, her site everything has a reason touches the lives of so many not only in the cyber community, but in the real world as well.

Her site depicts the true meaning of living: everything has a reason.

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