e diel, 20 janar 2008


Gali Koren is about to conclude her Outreach Program in the country, after giving series of lectures on U.S. Immigration Law (For Free!) in well known hotels from Visayas to Manila, as we mentioned in our previous post. More than a thousand attended every lecture she conducted in Bacolod, Iloilo and at the Century Park Sheraton Hotel in Manila. The seminar were extended into two sessions each to accomodate everybody.

Many wondered why this lady has a big heart for U.S. migrants, until we learned lately that Gali was, herself, a migrant from Israel who strived hard to enter the U.S. legally until she became its citizen. She graduated Magna Magna Cum Laude, from Western State University, where she received her Juris Doctor Degree. She obtained her LLM in International Law from the University of San Diego Law School, where she majored in Immigration Law. She then founded the Law Offices of Gali Koren, where she is the managing attorney.

We would like to thank those who responded to our invitation, which we posted at Pinoyblogosphere and with our other groups at yahoo. Some of those who are active in the cyber community attended. We would like to thank Gali Koren for choosing our country as the beneficiary of her outreach program.

As a token of our appreciation, herewith was one of Gali Koren's seminar, in You Tube:

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