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The Malu Fernandez Scandal which we discussed at Pinoyblogosphere on August 23, 2007 brought forth a new dimension in the Pilipino cyber community. It is an experience, where unorganized cyber communities of Pilipinos from all over the world united as one and expressed their discontent over a published article from mainstream media. We mentioned that:

"If there is a lesson to be learned from the said experience - in today’s world of advance digital age – one thing was proven: corporations, publication houses and big media outfit does not have the monopoly of the media to stir public opinion. Individuals, independent publishers, artists and private citizens, in their own right may freely participate and express their own views and opinions through the use of modern technology, the internet, which power to influence people is more of a reality than perception. The Malu Fernandez incident awakened Pilipino sentiment worldwide. It demonstrated to the world how Pilipinos took a stand on issue affecting a class within their own social structure. Unlucky, the object of criticism is one of their own. Unlucky, it has caused damage to the publisher of Malu’s article. Whether they like it or not, the stain remains on the outfit where Malu’s article were published and it may take time to heal."

Thereafter, well known Pilipino bloggers caught the mainstream media's attention. Other media practioners, however, are doubtful about blogging's effectiveness especially in the area of responsiveness. It cannot, however, be denied that: Today, blogging has become the most reliable source of information where the mainstream media relies to bring into the public's attention issues that needs to be address by all of us, as a nation, as Pilipinos. Noteworthy to mention is the issue on Human Trafficking of Pilipinas in Malaysia which we posted at Pinoyblogosphere on September 8, 2007. Many of our unseen friends in the blogging community joined the crusade until it finally caught mainstream media's attention. Many has been rescued thereafter and other prospective victims were forewarned.

Join us in this advocacy of responsible blogging as Pilipinos. Philippines Blog Contest

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