e diel, 10 shkurt 2008


I was awed to see a perfect venue so nice and presentable at Novaliches Bayan: ERNESTO's GARDEN, located at 42 Buenamar St., Novaliches. If you're within Novaliches Bayan, its an ideal place to hold a party, wedding or an event. It's located at the back of Nova Bayan's Mini Plaza, just 5 minutes drive from the Church, its right at the heart of Novaliches Bayan. Most of all, if you need a bigger parking area, you can use the parking space of La Funeraria Nova where your vehicles can be secured and just a minute or two walk passing thru the back door entrance, you're already in this elegant, cozy, cool and so nice place called ERNESTO's GARDEN.

The most difficult subject in organizing an event aside from performers, sound, lights, props, chairs and tables, catering, etc., etc. . . . is the "venue". That is why most of the those celebrating or intends of having an affair consults an event organizer. Most often than not it's cheaper, especially if you talk with professionals like Liezel (De Jesus-Reyes) of the Ernesto's Garden, who basically have everything. I have known many event organizers of the countless events and projects I documented, but Liezel is different. She's the one who directly manages and personally attends to the needs of her client right during the affair, from table arrangements and presentations, food and services. I was surprised to know later on that she was also the proprietor. Talking with the right person who knows the business she indulges into is better.

So if you have an affair within the vicinity, you can talk directly with LIEZEL DE JESUS-REYES at Telephone nos. 417-5361; 418-5361 or at her mobile phone nos. 0920-2038790; or, 09223361804.

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