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My attention was caught by Seymour's latest post informing us that they joined the protest rally held last Friday February 15, 2008 along EDSA-Ayala to express their sentiment to pressure the government to ferret out the truth concerning the NBN-ZTE Broadband Project.

Aside from the Senate inquiry, one of the most revealing information on the "alleged" anomaly concerning the project can be viewed at Ellen Tordesillas' post entitled: "The Madriaga files on NBN-ZTE", which was allegedly written by a Computer Engineer who has a direct hand on the project. Originally, the project has a noble objective: it aims to make government offices into a huge network of interconnected computers so government transactions, services and communications will be greatly improved because of faster coordination rather than relying on old-skool technologies. Until, the "alleged" greed sets in . . . as eloborated in the post of Pinoy Tux.

Not known to many, both China and the US were allegedly interested in the project. When the project pushed through despite objections by the different interest group - the problem sets in: the original copy of the contract/agreement between the Philippine Government and China was allegedly stolen after it was signed! Imagine a document of utmost importance to both countries supposedly secured in the custody of high ranking offiicals - stolen barely a day after it was signed? Why?

In today's world of modern technology, internet plays a vital role to influence public opinion. The worldwide web was first used by the western world for military purpose, until it was fully developed for commercial use. It is the most effective, fastest and realiable source of information. It's main feature - it is "free from all forms of prior-restraint". Unlike the mainstream media, where a story can be killed by the editor, its editorial board, by government regulations or by the publishing house or network owner him/herself, the worldwide web provides a democratic space where people can instantly express their views freely.

Today, Pilipinos are the most creative, expressive and influential web page designers, bloggers, writers, columnists and artists in the cyber world influencing millions of people worldwide on issues affecting environment, economy, culture and politics, among others. We are freedom loving people and our forefathers fought for it dearly. To quote :
"We the veterans, are already old, but before we die, there is only one wish that I am asking from God. Even though we have no money to leave behind because we are poor, we do wish that before we go to our final resting ground, we can see that you who are left behind can enjoy the fruits of the freedom we have been hoping for."

Seymour kept the flame of freedom alive, a candle to pass on in this time of darkness in quest of the truth.

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